Committed to helping you achieve all of your training goals!



Hello everyone, my name is Charlene Saia...

   I am the Owner/Lead Trainer of Peaceful Pets Dog Obedience Training, LLC. Over the past 10 years...I have effectively helped owners achieve their training goals, while building a unique connection with their beautiful dogs. True success will occur when dogs feel safe with their trainer, & when owners are educated on how to follow through correctly after each session. I would like to give you an idea of my passion for the well-being and care of our dogs...Throughout my life (in the past 38 years) I have owned a variety of breeds (male & female). Having a strong, personal bond with each one filled my heart with indescribable love. I have always been fascinated by their intelligence, individual personalities, and how easily they become a part of our family. Not only do I have an intense love for dogs, but I cherish our feline family members as well. I was given my 1st kitten as an Easter gift when I was 4yrs old. From that moment on, cats/kittens became a huge part of my life. I always take into great consideration their comfort when new dogs/puppies enter the home. I definitely want dogs to learn how to interact with other pets in the house properly and safely. Every single animal I work with is treated as my own with compassion and respect.

   I decided to take my adoration for dogs to a different level and turned it into a satisfying career. I am a proud graduate and fully certified through Animal Behavior College. I have continued to expand my knowledge as an active member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). I stay up to date on different training methods, as well as engaging in respectful conversations with other professionals in the industry. Both the APDT & IACP are member based associations that provide trainers with an outlet for positive networking. These associations also assist us in continuing our education to the highest standard for growth in our profession. The APDT supports LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive Technique). I personally appreciate every approach toward positive reinforcement methods that all dogs can greatly benefit from. I wanted to be prepared in case of an emergency, so I am also proudly Dog & Cat CPR/First Aid Certified through the American Red Cross.

   When I started Peaceful Pets, I wanted to keep training sessions a rewarding experience for all involved. I strive to keep sessions enjoyable for all dogs and owners. Every dog learns by trust and repetition. It’s essential that we devote time to their needs and have fun in the process!!! Even children take time to learn their 1st words, 1st steps, how to go potty on their own… so we must be patient and consistent with our dogs too. During the work I performed in the shelters from attending ABC, I witnessed innocent dogs being returned back. Too many dogs are rehomed, returned or even euthanized over behavioral issues that could have been resolved with proper handling and obedience. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of rehabilitating numerous dogs that had difficult experiences at no fault of their own. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing dogs trust their families and live to their full potential. It is a blessing to play such an important role in their development, and to witness their remarkable transformations. Puppies are impressionable just like human children and have phenomenal memories. All interactions early on during their critical developmental periods are crucial. Everything they experience at an early age will absolutely influence their behavior throughout their lives. I offer a wonderful program for puppies/younger dogs to set them up for a solid, well-behaved future. I truly want to help guide owners in the right direction when they obtain a new "pack member".

My Philosophy

Committed to helping you achieve all of your training goals from Basic-Advanced Obedience:

   Our dogs are definitely a part of our family and deserve to live happy, balanced lives. Dogs are amazingly intelligent creatures & absolutely love to please us with their capabilities. They have worked along side of us for thousands of years. The bond between canines & humans is like no other in the world. Dogs are truly content when they have an outlet for their mental & physical energy. Unfortunately in today’s world, dogs are common house pets that often do not get their requirements met. The issues that we label as “bad behavior” are perfectly normal for dogs to engage in. Peaceful Pets will properly show you how to still satisfy their natural instincts, while teaching them how to live respectfully in our environment. 

There's no place like home...

   We believe that the best place for dogs to learn is at home to set them up for success. This is where they live, eat, sleep, interact with us, and where most problem behaviors occur. The great new is, Peaceful Pets comes to you and works around your schedule! Your dogs can learn exceptional new behavior with their entire “pack family”. No matter what age, breed, or past history a dog may have experienced…they will learn at their own pace. You can in fact teach an old dog new tricks!!! Since each situation is unique, owners will be supplied with the proper information for continued progress. Sessions are incredibly detailed and never rushed. Peaceful Pets will make sure everyone fully understands our exercises and will follow through until we see some positive improvement. 

A trust & reward based system

   The rule of training is: "If a dog’s behavior produces a reward, they will keep doing it!” Force/Fear methods will absolutely never be used during our sessions. Force/fear tactics can quickly break the bond, lead to distrust, anxiety issues, and possible other undesirable behaviors. 

   Peaceful Pets uses updated, positive training methods to build and keep trust within the pack. When our dogs perceive us as stable leaders, they will perform to the best of their ability. Healthy Leadership Exercises will be implemented into every treatment plan. These simple exercises teach your dogs to look up to you (their Leader) for guidance. Safe, humane boundaries will also be applied so you don’t end up with a dog completely “ruling the house”. All dogs need structure to live calm, secure lives with us. 

   We’re naturally wired to think on “human terms” and tend to treat our dogs like children. This miscommunication can very well set dogs up for failure. Even though dogs have outstanding learning capabilities, we must communicate with them on “canine terms”. If we over coddle, spoil, give into demanding behavior… this can easily lead to an out of control dog. We can give our dogs everything they enjoy with an “earn your privilege” system. This is not much different than requiring children to complete homework before playing video games. Peaceful Pets will teach you exactly how dogs take in information and view the world around them. Your dogs can live a life of fulfillment while enjoying responsibility within their pack. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your canine family members while building a stronger bond in the process.

My Services


What I offer:

  • I make up thorough treatment plans around each and every dog’s specific needs. 
  • During sessions I supply detailed paperwork that includes the exercises we cover...plus useful tips!
  • I supply fresh food rewards for each session & will leave the remaining treats with you to practice with. (Owners are more than welcome to use their own treats) However...I never want our dogs to become dependent on food rewards during training. I will show you how to properly wean your dog off of treats while accomplishing a successful response to each exercise/cue.
  • I supply “clickers’ if we decide together that your dog will benefit from Clicker Training. Clickers are a positive training tool that most dogs respond to incredibly well. I will show you in detail how the clicker is applied for excellent results. PLEASE NOTE: Clicker Training has absolutely nothing to do with shock collar training. Clickers ”mark” the appropriate behavior we’re teaching with a sound that dogs build a positive association to. Clickers are highly effective when used consistently & can help us achieve faster results when teaching new cues. Dogs quickly learn that when they hear the “Click” that they did something really good & will be rewarded for it=)
  • If needed, I will send an e-mail to my clients after our sessions. The e-mail will include specifically what we practiced and how to follow through correctly.
  • Your dog walkers, pet sitters and friends are welcome to take part in our sessions at no additional charge. It is important that they understand our training process as to not confuse any dog when they personally handle them.

Cues & Obedience Issues Peaceful Pets offers:

  • Housebreaking
  • Jumping Issues
  • Digging Issues
  • Begging/Stealing Food
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Puppy/Play Nipping Issues
  • How to play a proper Fetch for exercise requirements
  • Easy Cue (bite inhibition)
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Positive Relationship Building
  • Staying off Furniture/Kitchen Counters
  • How to go to their “bed/special spot”
  • Proper Crate Training
  • Proper Introductions to the new home/other pets/people
  • Proper ways to play with your dog to avoid unwanted behavior
  • Proper “Drop It/Leave It/ Release” techniques
  • Resource Guarding (mild)
  • Teaching better “Focusing Skills”
  • Sit, Down, Stay, Recall…
  • Fear/Nervous Tension… how to build trust & confidence (with you/other people/dogs) 
  • Fear Issues: Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Sounds, Car Rides, Vacuum Cleaners...etc
  • Dominance Issues
  • Reactive Behavior to stimulation (inside & outside of the home)
  • Fun Games & Tricks!

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From my clients . . .

  We were desperate to get our “Lily” comfortable when we moved into our new home. The change in environment terrified her. We had crate training issues, house accidents, she didn’t enjoy the backyard and was nervous on walks in the new neighborhood. We were heartbroken and at a loss. When we hired Peaceful Pets, Lily absolutely fell in love with Charlene. My husband was shocked and I had tears of joy seeing Lily’s confidence grow. Charlene took her time and taught us how to make her feel safe without reinforcing any tension. I will forever be grateful. Lily now loves our new home and even made some new friends close by! Thank You Peaceful Pets, you are a blessing.

Helen & Joe M. - Medford, NJ

"Charlene is a knowledgeable, dependable, patient and reasonable trainer. She has provided us with the tools to make our puppy the best dog I know she could be! I would highly recommend Peaceful Pets Obedience Training for any and all dog training needs!”

Colleen B. - Riverside, NJ

“I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has high anxiety. Our biggest issue is he doesn’t like to go for a walk. I have had 4 previous house trainers that just threw their hands up saying “He just doesn’t want to go”. We then met Charlene and she literally had him walking next to her within an hour of her first visit! My dog is very fussy about people and he took to her immediately… he knew she was kind. While he is still a work in progress, I know that I can call Charlene anytime and she comes over to help us. She is a wonderful trainer who has such patience and trains with kindness.

Carol N. - Delran, NJ

 Charlene, thanks so much for all of your training and guidance with our pups. You have made such a positive impact on their development.

Dan D. - Pennsauken, NJ

 Our “Oliver” is really turning into a wonderful dog! We still practice all the things Charlene has taught us and he has almost completely stopped his play nipping. We can have company over and after a few minutes he settles down. Oliver and our family cat (Molly) are also accepting each other much better now! Thank you for all the skills you taught us! You are amazing!

Michelle & Mike C. - Delran, NJ 

“Thank you Charlene for all the work and effort you showed with “Olivia”. She really “took” to you and your training. I couldn’t get near the rake at all to use it without her nonstop barking before you worked with her. Lol. Now she doesn’t see it as a threat. You gave us some long term training methods that we will continue to use. Thank you again! If anyone out there is considering useful and relevant training for your dog, call Peaceful Pets Dog Obedience Training, LLC. You will not be disappointed!”

Jay R. - Glassboro, NJ

“Ever since our “Sweet Pea” (Shih Tzu) was a puppy, she would bark excessively at everything that passed by the front window and on walks. It could be a leaf, person, dog, squirrel… she would bark uncontrollably and pull. Charlene taught her that she didn’t have to react to every stimulation. It was unbelievable how fast she learned to settle down and follow our lead. Sweet Pea now focuses on us so much better. She doesn’t even react anymore when the mail carrier comes by! I can’t say enough positive things about this service”

Mary & Steven - Levittown, PA

  We had no idea how our 3 year old “Cane" would respond to a new puppy. He was loving and used to our senior dog that passed away suddenly. We called Peaceful Pets and Charlene taught us how to properly introduce “Cane” to our new little “Candy”. The transition process was safe and successful. Not only did we cover all the puppy necessities, but Cane learned some new cues as well. These two are now inseparable! Very awesome, dependable service.

Cathy & Bill - Cherry Hill, NJ

“When we rescued our 2 year old Pit/Shepherd mix, we wanted to be sure he had the best life moving forward. He had some trust issues and we speculated possible abuse. Charlene showed us important exercises that we would have never even thought of. The simple exercises made a huge impact on his behavior & changed our outlook on training. The positive methods were outstanding. Peaceful Pets is reasonably priced. You definitely get what you are paying for...plus some. Thanks again Charlene, “Orion” is content and finally enjoying being a normal dog!!”

Jennifer, Pat & Kids - Marlton, NJ

“Charlene’s informative, honest and knows her business. We have been recommending Peaceful Pets to all of our friends and family. Thumbs up from us!”

Walt & Jasmine D. - Burlington, NJ

“With our hectic work schedules & all the school activities it was convenient to have a positive trainer to come to us. We learned a lot and the kids had a blast too! Peaceful Pets is the way to go!"

Mellisa G & Family - Cinnaminson, NJ


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